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Centrifugal air compressor
  Taizhou Luqiao hang Feng generator Management Department was founded in 1995, is a technology oriented enterprises specialized in electrical equipment systems development services. Sales leasing America Cummings, Britain, Japan, Shanghai Rolls-Royce Mitsubishi Dongfeng Diesel generating set, various sizes of screw type air compressor 3~100m3/min, the provision of original spare parts, repair, maintenance unit, multi unit and network engineering services. At the same time, the environmental aspects of the company to provide noise control, generator waste heat industrial room utilization, waste gas purification treatment for such projects. In order to meet the different needs of customers, the company opened a second-hand unit operating the project, provide the import, sale, domestic second-hand diesel generator rental and heavy machine sales, rental, electricity sales approach. Reduce the operating costs of electricity customers, resolve customer speaks for the gifted. My company in Yunnan; Guizhou; Qinghai; Sichuan; Xi’an; Inner Mongolia; Jilin; Shenyang; Shanxi; Sichuan; Shandong and other provinces 10 service office.
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